Starting from July 2019, the imported FBA orders may miss some customer details like buyer name or shipping address.

That’s caused by the latest updates in Amazon Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy. The Marketplace now allows retaining buyers’ personal information only for order fulfilling or/and tax calculating.

In this regard, Amazon will no longer return the following customer details in FBA Orders to the 3rd party applications:

  • AddressType, 
  • AddressLine1,
  • AddressLine2,
  • AddressLine3,
  • BuyerName,
  • Phone,
  • PurchaseOrderNumber,
  • RecipientName.

These changes will affect your sales only if you manage FBA orders through Magento. Magento orders won’t be created for FBA sales due to the lack of essential customer details.

Upon agreement with Amazon, this information will be enabled back in the M2E Pro module for the time being. As of October 2019, the incoming FBA orders are managed correctly.

Yet, to get around these Amazon changes, M2E Pro will replace the missing customer information with 'N/A' values. This will provide automatic order creation in Magento system and maintain correct order workflow. 

This solution also applies to FBA orders with confidential shipping addresses hidden by customers.