It is true that the same Product can be listed on Amazon under different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s). If you wish to list your Products this way, a few important conditions must be met.

To have the same Item created multiple times in M2E Pro Listing, you can apply a Duplicate action which you can access in the Actions drop-down menu at the top of the Listing grid after you switch it to the Settings View Mode. 

It is important to bear in mind that a Product SKU is a key identifier which links your Product to Amazon Listing.

Please, note that if the Search finds the provided SKU in your Inventory during the listing process, an error will come up and the Product will not be listed.

So, to have the same Product listed under different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s) on Amazon, you will need different SKUs assigned to it.

There are a few ways of how you could assign different SKUs to the same Product in M2E Pro. You may choose the one which you find the most convenient for yourself.

  • The SKU settings are provided in the Selling settings of each M2E Pro Listing. There is an option to assign a Custom Product Attribute to a SKU source, so SKU value will be taken from the previously created Magento Attribute. In this case, you have total control over the content of SKU value which will show up on Amazon. 

  • As an alternative option, you can have different SKUs by choosing an option to modify the Product SKU, for example, by using a specific prefix or postfix.

  • With the M2E Pro 'Generate SKU' option (you can also set this option in Selling setting of a listing), a new SKU will be randomly generated for the item.

As both of these are automatic options, speed and efficiency are among their main advantages. In case of SKU modification, you are able to specify what the SKU value will look like. While the generated SKU will be defined randomly and its content may look rather complicated.

To highlight the main steps of the process: all Product’s SKUs have to be unique (either modified, generated or taken from a Custom Attribute) and different ASIN(s)/ISBN(s) must be assigned to the Product.