To link your Shopify store to Sales Channels, complete the following steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin and navigate to Apps.

2. Go to Develop apps and click Create an app.

3. Then click Configure admin API scopes.

4. Tick permissions for the following API scopes:

  • write_draft_orders

  • write_fulfillments

  • write_inventory

  • read_locations

  • write_order_edits

  • write_orders

  • write_price_rules

  • write_product_listings

  • write_products

  • write_reports

  • write_shipping

  • write_locales

  • write_assigned_fulfillment_orders

  • read_customers

  • read_files

  • write_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders

  • read_payment_terms

5. Click Save and then Install app.

Once done, you'll get the access token.

Please copy and save the access token since it can be revealed only once.

Still, if the access token is lost, click Uninstall app and reinstall it. This way you’ll get the new token.

Now you can use the Store name and the password to connect your Shopify store to Sales Channels. Find your Store name under Shopify admin > Settings > Store details > Basic details.

Use the Store name without spaces.
If your Store name and domain don’t match, use the domain name in the Settings > Domains.