Previously, eBay order statuses were presented in three columns of M2E Pro order grid. There you could check if the order has already completed CheckoutPayment and Shipping

Starting from 6.11.0, M2E Pro users can see their eBay orders displayed under the new statuses:

  • Pending — eBay order is unpaid.
  • Unshipped — eBay order is paid, however, not shipped yet.
  • Shipped — eBay order is paid and shipped.
  • Canceled — eBay order was canceled or refunded.

You can check the current order status in the corresponding column of the M2E Pro order grid (eBay > Sales).

Here is the correspondence between former and new eBay order statuses:

Former statusesNew statuses


Still, you can check if the order completed CheckoutPayment and Shipping in eBay Order Details.