M2E Pro calls to the Magento storefront to get all product updates, then sends them to the Channels. Yet, if the external plugins are installed on the Magento storefront, the Product Quantity, Price, Status, Tax or other product settings may be overridden. In some cases, it results in Magento order creation fails, incorrect linking of product variations, extra tax applying, etc. 

The following actions allow M2E Pro to bypass the issue of external plugins' impact when retrieving Magento product information. Please complete the steps:

Step 1. Upgrade your Module for Magento 2 to the latest version.

Step 2. Download and unpack an archive

 Step 3. Copy m2epro_cron.php file from the archive.

 Step 4. Paste m2epro_cron.php file to %magento_root_folder%/pub/ directory.

 Step 5. Ensure that the Cron Job Type is updated to Service Pub. To do it, navigate in your Magento: Channel Integration > Help Center > Health Status > Dashboard > Cron Info > Type.

Note: It can take up to 1 hour to update the Cron Job Type in your Magento depending on the time needed to complete the running Cron tasks.