An item is marked as Incomplete in the following situations:

To identify why Amazon considers your item incomplete, go to Inventory > Manage Inventory page of your Seller Central. Next to the item’s status, you will see either a red or a yellow icon. 

red icon indicates that Amazon will not allow you to relist the item. In case of a yellow icon, the item may be relisted only after you fix the listing details, for example, set a proper price.

Usually, Amazon provides a reason for blocking the item so that sellers know what exactly to fix.

To update listing information in your Seller Central, click Edit next to the item. Make the necessary changes, and confirm them by clicking Save and Finish. Then try relisting the item. 


Once you change the product details in Seller Central, and it is relisted on Amazon, make sure that you have also updated the relevant product data in Magento or using the dedicated M2E Pro Policies. It is necessary for correct data synchronization between the Module and the Channel.

If the item is relisted on Amazon, its status will be updated to Active. You will see the item status changes in your M2E Pro within 24 hours.